Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) on New BC Rules at Courthouse Libraries

July 14, 2010

The Stream, the blog at Courthouse Libraries BC, has posted a list of frequent questions they’ve received on the new BC Supreme Court rules and forms.

The post addresses five common questions ranging from where the new rules and forms can be found to retroactivity. The answers are thorough and rich with links. For example:

Where can I find the new court rules and forms for Supreme Court cases?

There are two new sets of rules that came into effect on July 1, 2010:

  • for family law cases: new Supreme Court Family Rules and Forms
  • for all other Supreme Court cases: new Supreme Court Civil Rules and Forms

Also of note is that the Supreme Court has issued a new collection of Practice Directions and Administrative Notices to coincide with the coming in to effect of the new court rules:

  • Family Practice Directions
  • Civil Practice Directions

Can I fill in the new court forms online?

Yes. There are fillable PDF versions of the court forms under the new rules. The forms can be completed on the computer and saved, printed, or filed electronically. (Note that you will need the free Adobe Reader to use these fillable forms.)

You can access the fillable court forms at:

  • for family law cases in Supreme Court: fillable court forms under new family rules
  • for all other Supreme Court cases: fillable court forms under new civil rules

The complete set of questions and answers on the new rules is available at The Stream.

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