Former AG Geoff Plant Responds to BC Chief Justices’ Joint Statement

March 23, 2012

Access Pro Bono notes that former Attorney General Geoff Plant has issued a “a forceful rebuke of the public statement on judicial independence recently issued by British Columbia’s Chief Justices”. The joint statement in question, entitled “Judicial Independence (And What Everyone Should Know About It)” was issued on March 15, 2012.

Plant asserts that the statement contains “no evidence that these senior members of our judiciary are even aware of the growing crisis of public confidence in the administration of justice, let alone the role courts play in contributing to it.” He concludes:

“…most Canadians know that the administration of justice is crying out for improvement and that real reform requires an active, contributing, constructively engaged judiciary.”

See Plant’s Vancouver Sun piece here, and the joint statement by BC’s Chief Justices here.


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