Fall Issue of Scrivener Focuses on Immigration

October 29, 2012

BC Notaries recently issued the Fall 2012 edition of its magazine, The Scrivener.

This issue focuses on immigration, and includes the following articles on that theme:

  • Rethinking Diasporas
  • Immigrate or Emigrate: Life-Long Journey
  • An Overview of the BC Provincial Nominee Program
  • Regulating the Professions: Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
  • Permanent Residents and Residency Obligation
  • Who can Sponsor the Spouse/Partner to Live in Canada and How the Sponsorship Process Works
  • The “Super Visa”
  • The Live-in Caregiver Program: Helping Care for Canadian Families
  • Cross Border Business Alert: Criminal Conduct and Crossing the 49th Parallel
  • Regulated Immigration Consultants
  • Sport Helps Immigrant Children Fit Into Canadian Culture
  • Memoirs: A Walk with My Mother; How it All Started; Vietnam to Vanderhoof: A Boatperson’s Journey
  • Immigrating to Canada: Tax Issues to Consider
  • Solving Immigration Issues and Obstacles

Other articles on legal topics include:

  • BC Notaries’ Role in Real Estate and Mortgage Transactions
  • A Charity as Beneficiary of the Estate
  • Let’s Admit Polygraph Evidence and Turf the Liars

Get the full issue in PDF here.

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