Draft Code of Professional Conduct: Invitation to Comment on Conflicts Rules

May 20, 2011

As noted previously, BC’s current Professional Conduct Handbook is under revision, and is expected to be replaced by a new BC Code of Conduct. The new code is based on the Federation of Law Societies-recommended Model Code. After consultation with the profession, the portions of the code which do not deal with conflicts were recently adopted by the Benchers.

Lawyers are now invited to comment on the conflicts portion of the draft code. Views and opinions should be submitted to the Ethics Committee by letter or email by August 22, 2011, to:

Jack Olsen
Staff Lawyer – Ethics
Law Society of BC
845 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9
Tel. direct: (604) 443-5711
Toll free from in BC: 1-800-903-5300
Email: [email protected]

For more information, see the Law Society website.


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