Clicklaw Blog Rounds up 2015

January 4, 2016

At the end of 2015 Clicklaw Blog featured a round up, month by month of the year’s resources which had been added or improved. To view the entire list in detail, and to see the associated resource author, please visit the Clicklaw Blog.

Here’s a synopsis of what to expect: 

  • If You Have a No Contact Order Made Against You
  • Template Letters for Tenants
  • The CanLII Primer
  • Door-to-Door Sales, Time Shares, and Contracts You Can Cancel
  • Sliding Scale Family Mediation
  • Queer Directory @ QMUNITY
  • Jane Doe Legal Clinic
  • First Contact Vancouver
  • Provincial Court Resources For Everyone: Family Court
  • Discovery – Sharing information with the other party
  • Single Parent Employment Initiative
  • Renting, Buying and Selling Strata

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