Chief Justice Bauman Reflects on BC Legal Profession

April 15, 2013

BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman’s acceptance speech at the recent Trial Lawyers of BC Bench and Bar Awards, where he was presented the 2013 Bench Award, has been made public.

The speech, which a Vancouver Sun article calls a “rare public statement”, cites access to justice issues as “daunting and potentially fatal” to the legal profession as it is known, and that “public confidence in our profession and in its institutions, especially the Courts, is a continuing challenge.” (See BC Chief Justice Calls on Legal Profession to Be Proactive in Face of Change)

Bauman said the BC legal profession should

“wake-up, speak-up, and shake-up.

  • Wake-up to the realities of these challenges;
  • Speak-up about our value and our critical relevance in the lives of ordinary Canadians; and
  • Shake-up our attitudes towards lawyering.”

He also mentioned the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Attorney General, which the province says “reflects the continuing discussions between the Attorney General, the Chief Justices and the Chief Judge concerning the proper roles and responsibilities of each in the administration of British Columbia’ courts”.

Bauman’s full speech is available at the BC Courts website.


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