CBABC Monitors Implementation of New Court Rules

May 25, 2010

More on the new Rules: Last week the CBABC announced a Monitoring Initiative for the new BC Supreme Court Rules, comprising two subcommittees: One for the civil rules and one for the family rules.

Each subcommittee will monitor the implementation of the new rules and distributing information to CBABC members about how courts are interpreting them. Fillable PDF comment forms for each of the Civil Rules and the Family Rules subcommittees have been posted to help them gather feedback on the new rules.

The subcommittees also are soliciting any reasons for judgment involving interpretation of the new rules by emailing them to a representative of the appropriate subcommittee at the addresses given on the Monitoring Initiative website. A library of these reasons then will be established on that site. CBABC members may subscribe to receive periodic updates outlining case summaries, rule amendments, and discussion of trends in interpretation of the rules.

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