CBA Election Engagement Kit

October 13, 2015

Engage. Question. Vote. The Canadian Bar Association is asking that voters consider equal access to justice this federal election on October 19, 2015.

The CBA believes “every person should have fair benefit of the law when a fundamental legal interest is threatened.” With your help, they are seeking for increased federal leadership.

The CBA created their very own Election Engagement Kit which “contains questions, facts and key messages as well as an Election 101 primer on how members can engage and voice their concerns.” The kit contains essential information to voters and encourages asking candidates and candidate officials questions, attending meetings and contributing to the social discussion using the tag #WhatAboutAlex as a voice for those left out of the justice system. 

The kit has three viewpoints and three issues highlighted. The first viewpoint is in regards to inconsistent matters pertaining to family, housing and employment. The second is the impact of law change to our Aboriginal people. The third is an economic assessment of what dollars spent on legal aid saves in other public expenditures.

The issues emphasized include:

  • Equal justice for everyone is not the reality in Canada, even when important issues are at stake.
  • Relying on punishment and incarceration, at the expense of rehabilitation, reintegration and crime prevention, undermines both equal justice and public safety.
  • Providing legal aid is expensive, but not providing it costs even more.

Find the election kit at CBABC online and don’t forget to vote!

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