Call For Feedback: Courthouse Libraries BC Catalogue

August 17, 2015

Courthouse Libraries BC is looking for feedback.

The search database is soliciting feedback on its management software, Soutron. The brief, four question survey asks users to share their experience with the site. Questions include:

1. Please rate how strongly you agree with the following statements:

The library catalogue is easy to use

It took a reasonable amount of time to find relevant search results

I found the information that I was looking for

I plan to contact or visit a CLBC library to access a resource found with the catalogue

2. What type of resource do you prefer?

Print (book)


Either one is fine

3. I am a:


Work in the legal community

Member of the public

4. What do you like about the catalogue? What needs work? Please share your input.

You can fill out your responses here.

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