Big Changes to Provincial Court Scheduling

January 21, 2015

Via their new eNews service, the Provincial Court of BC has announced reforms to their scheduling model in an effort to “maximize the effective, equitable and efficient use of court time”.

One of the key changes involves how judges are assigned to courts. “The new model delays the assignment of judges to trial courts until the day or week before trial to better absorb adjournments, pleas, stays of proceeding, and settlements. Judges are not scheduled to specific duties or cases until the latest point in time where it is operationally feasible in order to allow the best use of available judicial resources”.

Other changes include a new Court Digital Display System inside courthouses, which uses live digital boards (like the ones found in airports) to indicate which courtroom cases are assigned to. Judicial Case Managers are also using a new software application, and the Criminal Justice Branch is implementing changes to its file management practices.

These and other changes and currently being rolled out throughout the province. The Provincial Court Scheduling Project was announced and endorsed by Cheif Judge Thomas Crabtree in 2012, and more information on the project is available here.

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