Benchers Approve New Law School at TWU

April 15, 2014

This past Friday, the Benchers of the Law Society of British Columbia voted 20-to-6 to approve the proposed Faculty of Law at Trinity Western University. The LSBC decsion follows a similar approval made by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the BC government’s approval to grant law degrees.

Friday’s meeting, delivered via webcast, was open to the public in an effort towards making the process “open and transparent”.

President Jan Lindsay QC said, “The Benchers arrived at their decision through a process that has been open, thorough and fair – from the beginning, right through to the decision.  It has involved consideration of legal advice from a number of advisors, review and consideration of the Federation reports and the proposal from TWU and the public submissions.  It has occupied our attention for some time and the decision was thoroughly considered and not taken lightly.”

For those interested in viewing a recorded version of Friday’s webcast, the LSBC has made the Bencher’s debate available.

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