BCCA Issues New Practice Directive on Citation

June 3, 2013

On May 30, 2013, the BC Court of Appeal issued a new practice directive that clarifies the Court’s requirements on legal citation.

Some of the key points mentioned in this directive include:

  • Legal citation standards in the  Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (7th Ed.)(the “McGill Guide”) are required, except where the directive states otherwise.
  • Periods are required to be used in citations even when not required by the McGill Manual.
  • Citing to neutral citation first and where a neutral citation is not available, then citing to a printed reporter or electronic service first.
  • Citations to a case from an electronic service should use that service’s citation format.
  • A new citation format for looseleaf services is specified instead of the McGill Guide format.
  • Counsel are encouraged to hyperlink case authorities in the electronic version of their factums to the Superior Courts judgments database, the Supreme Court of Canada collection or CanLII.
  • Formal, legalistic language should be avoided,such as hereinafter, hereto and aforesaid as should excess capitalization.

These new rules are effective as of May 30, 2013. For a full copy of the changes, the directive PDF is available for download from the BC Courts website.


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