BCCA Announces Results of eFiling Consultation

October 22, 2014

The results of the BC Court of Appeal’s consultation on improving its electronic filing systems have been made public.

The initial consultation paper was released in February 2014, followed by a consultation of several months. The CA reports that:

“Responses were generally in favour of conducting further electronic filing. With the exception of one response, all were supportive of the Court’s initiative to access trustworthy, accurate and authentic electronic court records while paper is reduced over a number of years. The Court is committed to including these perspectives as we move to develop, within the Court’s means, improvements and expansions in the way the Court receives electronic filings.”

The major themes to emerge from the consultation include:

  • E-filing process and CSO e-filing functionality, including why at present the initiative is limited to factums and statements
  • The exclusion of self-represented litigants from mandatory e-filing
  • Education and support 
  • The integrity of court records and concerns about the hybrid (paper/electronic) transitional period
  • Suggested filing timelines
  • Access to the electronic court record, specifically when publication bans are in force

Anonymized submissions are included for each theme.

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