BC Supreme Court Issues New Practice Directions

July 6, 2010

Effective July 1, the B.C. Supreme Court issued a new collection of Practice Directions and Administrative Notices. The new collection was released to coincide with the new Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules, which came into effect the same day. In general, the new collection does not alter substantive content. Instead, it makes changes required to accurately reference the new Supreme Court Rules and Forms.

Also consequent to the new Rules and this new collection, all previously issued practice directions and notices to the profession, with the exception of the Criminal Practice Directions and the Electronic Evidence Practice Direction, are rescinded as of July 1, 2010.

The new collection comprises three categories:

  • Administrative Notices (ANs)
  • Practice Directions (PDs), which pertain to civil and general matters, and
  • Family Practice Directions (FPDs), which pertain specifically to family law proceedings.

The new collection adopts a new numbering system in which the ANs, PDs, and FPDs each have a separate numerical sequence. As new Practice Directions and Administrative Notices are issued, they will be presented in the same format and in a continuing numerical sequence. An Index and Table of Concordance are provided to assist users of the new collection.

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