BC Superior Courts Adds RSS, Site Search to Website

August 24, 2010

The BC Superior Courts this week added two key website features: a site search and an RSS feed of judgments and announcements.

Both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court posted the following announcement on their websites:

The B.C. Superior Courts is pleased to unveil two enhancements to our website:

  • Site Search
  • RSS feed for Reasons for Judgment and Announcements

Since the launch of the redesigned website in January 2009, requests for a site search and an RSS feed for Reasons for Judgment have topped the list of requests from visitors to our website.

With the Site Search, you will be to search all of the non-judgment content on our website. You also have the option of searching the Practice and Procedure sections for either the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. The process for searching judgments is not affected in any way by the site search.

The RSS feed allows those who subscribe to see what Reasons for Judgment and Announcements have been added to the website using your feed reader rather than having to visit our site. To subscribe to the RSS feed simply click on the orange RSS button on your screen.

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