BC Proposes Justice Reform Legislation & Issues White Paper Part 2

March 4, 2013

On February 26, the BC Ministry of Justice released A Timely, Balanced Justice System, the second part of their white paper on justice reform. Part 1 of the White Paper, entitled A Modern, Transparent Justice System, was released October 22, 2012.

From Minister Shirley Bond’s introduction of Part 2:

“This is the second part of our action plan for creating a transparent, timely, and balanced justice system for British Columbians. Part One focused on establishing a new model for transparent governance of the system and on building business intelligence capacity to create a system that is capable of reform and renewal. Part Two builds on this foundation and outlines a plan for reforming justice services to the public so that our system is timely, balanced, and more responsive to the needs of citizens.”

That same day, the government also introduced legislation to support a “more efficient justice system with increased transparency and stronger co-operation across the justice and public safety sector.”

From the bill’s first reading, the Justice Reform and Transparency Act would establish “a Justice and Public Safety Council, with specified planning and reporting requirements, to examine and suggest improvements to the functioning of the justice and public safety sector, as that term is defined by the Bill, to improve the functioning of the justice system in British Columbia.”

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