BC Legislation Roundup

June 10, 2010

Various bills received Royal Assent last week.

Bill 10, the Veterinarians Act, repeals the old one and creates the College of Veterinarians. This body will effectively replace the former British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association. The role of the College will be to regulate the veterinary profession with powers and procedures similar to those of colleges governing other modern self-regulated professions.

Bill 17, the Clean Energy Act, has stated objectives of long-term electricity self-sufficiency for B.C., clean or renewable energy generation, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation brings certain energy sites such as the Mica Dam and the proposed Site C under government authority, empowering the government to exempt them from B.C. Utilities Commission oversight.

Bill 18, the Haida Gwaii Reconciliation Act, also received Royal Assent. Among other things, it renames the islands known as the Queen Charlotte Islands in English and Îles de la Reine-Charlotte French as Haida Gwaii in both languages.

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