BC Lawyers Support CPD

May 6, 2011

According to a recent survey and stats from the Law Society of BC, the province’s lawyers “strongly support a recently introduced program that requires them to fulfill continuing educational requirements.”

The April 2011 surveyed over 1400 practising BC lawyers. Some highlights of the survey:

  • 78% are in general agreement that continuing professional development (CPD) should be mandatory for lawyers
  • 54% think that the current requirement of 12 hours of CPD per year is “about right”
  • 51%  strongly or somewhat agree that the annual CPD requirement is likely to strengthen the quality of legal services that BC lawyers provide to clients

Statistics the Law Society has been collecting since 2009 show high compliance rates:“By mid-April, only nine of the province’s more than 10,300 practising lawyers remained suspended after failing to log the required number of hours for the past year.”

The Law Society of BC was the first law society in Canada to institute the annual 12-hour CPD requirement for its member lawyers.

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