BC Law Society and LSS Seek Aboriginal Lawyers and Students to Join List

August 18, 2010

This week the Law Society of BC announced its assistance to the BC Legal Services Society in recruiting Aboriginal lawyers and articling students to add their names to a list with the objective of improving access to justice for Aboriginal people:

In support of the Benchers’ strategic objective to retain more Aboriginal lawyers in the legal profession, the Law Society is assisting a Legal Services Society initiative. LSS is creating a list of Aboriginal lawyers and articled students who are interested in supporting each other and improving access to legal services for Aboriginal people in BC.

According to research commissioned by LSS, First Nations people prefer to speak with an Aboriginal person and, if they are unable to do so, may not seek the legal help they need. Pamela Shields, the Aboriginal Services Program Manager for LSS, says, “one of the tools we need to improve legal services for First Nations people is a list of Aboriginal lawyers. We’re looking for people with either practising or non-practising status who are willing to, now or in the future, work with Aboriginal communities or individuals and consider being part of a network to support each other and possibly mentor other Aboriginal lawyers, articled students and law students.” The list is voluntary and there is no obligation to take on legal aid clients or articled students if you choose to sign up.

To join or get more information, contact Pamela Shields at [email protected] or 604-601-6298.

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