BC Law Foundation Announces Legal Research Fund

July 12, 2013

The Law Foundation of BC has established a fund of $100,000 per year to support legal research in BC. The purpose of the fund is to support legal research projects that “advance the knowledge of law, social policy, and the administration of justice.”

The fund is open to the following persons or organizations:

  • members of the Law Faculties at TRU, UBC and UVic, as long as the application is submitted through their Dean;
  • members of other faculties in BC, as long as the research is law-related and the application is submitted through their Dean;
  • members of the legal profession in BC qho can demonstrate that they have the background, interests and capacity to carry out the proposed project; and
  • non-profit organizations with expertise in carrying out legal research.

All applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by September 20, 2013 for consideration at the November Law Foundation meeting. Such Letter of Intent can be submitted via mail, courier, fax or email.

Further information on the requirements for the Fund can be found here.

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