BC Civil Liberties Association Releases 50th Anniversary Festschrift

February 12, 2015

The BC Civil Liberties Association has released a special collection of essays in honour of its 50th anniversary, which the organization celebrated in 2012. The collection is entitled 50 Years of Freedom: A Festschrift Celebration for the Golden Anniversary of the BCCLA“.

From the BCCLA news item:

As we approached our 50th anniversary, the Board of the BC Civil Liberties Association decided to endorse a project of inviting contributions to a Festschrift in honor of the association and its work. This edited collection is the result. A Festschrift is a collection of essays and other writings published so as to recognize and celebrate the work of someone. Usually that someone is a notable academic, author or public figure. But here, we do this for an organization. Usually, such an anthology is published on the occasion of someone’s retirement. But here, we do so simply to mark the passing of half a century. The work of the BCCLA will continue as long as there are principled individuals, interested in and committed to civil liberties prepared to devote their time to it.

Edited by Kate Milberry, the Festschrift contains 14 essays and poems plus a foreword by Robert D. Holmes QC and afterword by Lindsay Lyster. Among the pieces: barbara findlay QC discusses the lessons she has learned through working on equality issues for queer people; Neil Boyd reflects on social change over the past 50 years; Jeffery Foss writes on the academic freedom of students; David Copp proposes the right to privacy as a civil liberty; and Preston Guno describes indigenous peoples’ fight for justice. See the full publication for these and many more contributions.

(Hat tip to Clicklaw)

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