BC Announces Names of 32 New QCs

December 13, 2013

On December 11, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton announced that thirty-two leading lawyers have received the honorary designation of Queen’s Counsel (or Q.C.).

The Q.C. designation is an honour conferred annually on members of the legal profession who have exhibited extra merit and contribution. Members receiving such honour must demonstrate personal integrity and good character as well as having been a member of the BC bar for at least 5 years.

Q.C.s are chosen each year from public nominations garnered in August. An advisory committee reviews all nominations, seeks the views of the CBABC and recommends deserving candidates to the Attorney General. The appointments were made by cabinet through order-in-council.

The Q.C. appointees for 2013 are as follows:

  • James Wilfred Hogan
  • Robert Tadashi Banno
  • Laurence Ralph Stinson
  • John Ian Gardiner Waddell
  • Michael Leslie Pearce
  • David James Edward Bilkey
  • Kevin Patrick O’Neill
  • Robert Michael John D. Orr
  • Andrew Brent Kerr
  • Dennis Clarke Quinlan
  • Elaine Elizabeth Reynolds
  • James Alan Vanstone
  • James Andrew Dowler
  • Sandra Joan Watson
  • Dale William Darychuk
  • Nicole Marie Byres
  • Jeffrey James Lowe
  • David Alexander Jardine
  • Robert Victor Wickett
  • Diane Mary Ellen Bell
  • Lorne Arthur James Dunn
  • William Shawn Maclagan
  • Daniel Raymond Bennett
  • Daniel William Burnett
  • John Robert Esson
  • Michael Tammen
  • Angela Ruth Westmacott
  • Clark Murray Roberts
  • Geoffrey Stuart Moyse
  • Deanna Grace Ludowicz
  • Kerry Lynn Simmons
  • Timothy Edmund McGee

Visit the BC Government news release for further detail on this year’s appointments.

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