BarTalk On Lawyer Wellness

June 8, 2015

BarTalk, published by the CBABC six times annually, is now available for June.

This month’s theme is “Zen and The Art of Practising Law”.  Cover features focus on lawyer wellness: Overcoming procrastination, maintaining balance and reducing stress.

Articles to note include:
Time Management Tech Tips – Page 7
Practising Law With Joy – Page 12
Beating Procrastination – Page 13
Stress Reduction and Meditation – Page 14
Religious Legal Systems in Canada – Page 21

The issue also features a nod to the new Lawyer Wellness section of the website and a reminder of the Vancouver edition of Re-Think. The Re-Think Workshop is scheduled for June 19 and is an opportunity for lawyers to provide feedback on the legal industry and whether or not the CBA is filling its members needs.

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