BarTalk On Ethics And Civility In Law

August 6, 2015

BarTalk, published by the CBABC six times annually, is now available for August.

This month’s theme surrounds ethics and civility of law. The cover feature entices reads with it’s popular “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers lyrics, “…know when to walk away, know when to run” on saying no to unfitting potential clients.

Articles to note include:

When To Walk Away And When To Run by Anne Stewart & Jennifer Chen, page 12
The Law Society’s Investigative Powers by Jean Whittow, QC and Mark Bussanich, page 13
Judith Potter’s 11 Tips For New Lawyers by Judith M. Potter, page 14
The Risk Of Concurrent Jurisdiction by Casey L. Leggett, page 18
Conflicts After McKercher by John Smith and Kelly Farish, page 19
How To Be Ethical And Civil in The Practice of Law by CBABC Professional Development, page 20

Another great issue of BarTalk by the Canadian Bar Association.

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