BarTalk Focuses On The Modern Family

June 20, 2014

The June issue of CBABC’s BarTalk has a bit of a “modern family” theme.

Feature articles on various aspects of family law include:

  • Children’s voices in family law disputes: BC Hear the Child Society.
  • Renting a womb in India: Commercial surrogacy from a lawyer’s perspective.
  • (Re)conceiving donors and surrogates: New realities in the Family Law Act.
  • Surrogacy agreements: Reproductive law & one year in on the Family Law Act
  • Family violence and protection orders: The courts’ interpretation.
  • The Family Law Act: Baby steps toward change.

There are also articles about mentoring, an alumnus tribute to The Law Centre at UVic, and all the regular sections (Bar moves, upcoming events, section news, etc.

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