B.C.C.A. Rules Amendments Take Effect July 1

June 24, 2010

B.C. Reg. 127/2010 makes several amendments to the B.C. Court of Appeal Rules, effective July 1.

The Court has published a summary of the highlights of the Rule changes. The full text of the Order in Council amending the Rules is also available on the B.C.C.A. website.

Some highlights of the Rule amendments include

  • defining “business day” and using that term instead of “day” in the Rules
  • increasing the time requirement in leave applications from 5 days to 10 business days and file and correspondingly increasing the time to serve a reply book from 1 to 5 business days before the hearing of the application
  • adding a Rule to provide for a reply to a stay application and to set 2 business days for filing and serving the reply motion book.
  • replacing the Rules relating to factums on cross appeal, providing for a reply factum on cross appeal, setting new names for the factums and setting  filing and service deadlines and page limits for the factums
  • adding Rule 54.1 as the Electronic Filing Rule
  • making changes to several Forms
  • moving “Fees Payable to the Crown” from Supreme Court Schedule 1 Appendix C to Appendix C Schedule 1 of the Court of Appeal Rules
  • changing the fees and making them subject to a cost of living adjustment every two years

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