Applications Being Accepted for Law Foundation Funding

January 4, 2013

The Law Foundation of BC is accepting applications for large, one-time project funding requests until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 13, 2013.

The Law Foundation has a budget of $500,000 for one-time projects in 2013, and individual projects are eligible to receive a maximum of $75,000. The  Foundation encourages applications that reflect the diversity of BC and “is particularly interested in receiving innovative proposals that meet needs in the following areas:

  • Legal Issues of Aboriginal People (for example:  on reserve,  child protection);

  • Consumer and Debt Issues (for example: payday loans, bankruptcy and foreclosures);

  • Elder Law (for example: dementia, Alzheimer’s, powers of attorney, trusteeships);

  • Environmental Law;

  • Family Law (for example: Family Law Information, Self-Help, Modified Representation, Support for Out of Court Settlement/Mediation, the new Family Law Act);

  • Legal Literacy for Youth;

  • Projects that meet the needs of culturally diverse groups;

  • Projects that meet the needs of remote, isolated and underserved areas of the province;

  • Technology (for example: projects that utitlize technology in the delivery of legal services and/or public legal education).”

For details on how to apply, visit the Law Foundation of BC’s Large Projects Funding Information page.

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