Anna Hazare Wins UBC Law’s Inaugural Allard Prize

September 27, 2013

UBC Law has awarded its inaugural Allard Prize for International Integrity to Anna Hazare. The award was presented on Wednesday night, September 25, in a special award ceremony at Allard Hall.

The Allard Prize is given to an individual, movement or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

Anna Hazare is an influential social and political activist from India. He has led popular movements to enhance government transparency and investigate and prosecute official corruption. His role in educating Indian citizens about their political and social rights and in encouraging citizens to speak up against corruption has been very influential in India.

The Allard Prize is an annual award worth $100,000 to the winner, and $25,000 each to two runners up. This year’s runners up were Global Witness and Dr. Sima Samar. A video on all three finalists can be seen here.

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