Administrative Reform by Chief Judge

August 8, 2013

As per the British Columbia Newsroom, the number of court regions in BC is being consolidated from twelve regions to five. This geographically aligns the regions with those used by other government agencies, thereby improving court management.

Each of the five regions will be administered by a regional administrative judge, but until the new position has been created by legislation, an associate chief judge has been designated for each region.

The new regions and their respective associate chief judges are:

  • Vancouver Island Region – Judge Adrian Brooks
  • Fraser Region – Judge Peder Gulbransen
  • Vancouver Region – Judge Raymond Low
  • Interior Region – Judge Robin Smith
  • Northern Region – Judge Michael Brecknell (appointed in 2010)

Administrative judges not designated for one of the new regions returned to regular sitting duties.

The change was proposed by the Office of the Chief Judge and was confirmed by the Government of BC through an order-in-council.

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