Access Pro Bono Celebrates Wills Clinic Milestone

May 3, 2013

Over at the Clicklaw Blog, Priyan Samarakoone of the Access Pro Bono Society of BC writes…

“We’re soon approaching the 1st anniversary of the Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic, and it’s been quite the success.  As one of a handful of Pro Bono Projects for the Department of Justice (DOJ), these programs marked the first time the DOJ got involved in Pro Bono Services in Canada in its 140 plus year history. We have since expanded and now have a mix of both government and private sector lawyers involved in the program.”

Held in downtown Vancouver, the weekly wills clinics are open to low-income seniors over 55 and people with a terminal illness. Each month, the Wills Clinic team assists 8-12 clients and aims “to have a document prepared within one month after the initial interview with a client. The Wills Clinic has also recently expanded its scope to include section 7 Representation Agreements for medical decision making and other standard powers.”

Congratulations to Access Pro Bono on reaching this milestone, and for providing this critical community service.

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