Access Pro Bono and Community Legal Assistance Society Team Up to Help Mental Health Patients

November 10, 2014

Via Access Pro Bono, a recent article in the Lawyers Weekly shines a spotlight on the valuable work being done by APB and the Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS).

In “B.C. pro bono society steps in to fill mental health gap“, John Schofield describes how in the 2013/14 fiscal year, due to lack of funding, CLAS wasn’t able to fill at least half of the requests it received for legal representation from mental health patients in review panel hearings. But now, APB’s volunteer lawyers and law students will join forces with CLAS to ensure these clients get fair hearings.

To serve in this capacity, volunteers must attend a half-day of training on the BC Mental Health Act. To date, about 150 mostly Lowe Mainland-based lawyers have volunteered, and APB says it will seek funding to expand the program throughout the province.

Learn more about APB’s Mental Health Program and CLAS’s Mental Health Law Program on their respective websites.

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