Pilot Project Aims to Improve SC Chambers Application Scheduling

January 18, 2013

Via the Supreme Court of BC, Chief Justice Bauman recently “announced the commencement of a pilot project at Vancouver Law Courts to ameliorate the increase in the number of long chambers applications in civil (non-family) proceedings which are not heard as scheduled.”

The Chambers Assize Pilot Project in Vancouver addresses the ever-growing issue of long (over two hours) chambers applications at the Vancouver Law Courts, which cause matters to be bumped or adjourned.

“For those unfamiliar with the assize system, how it works is that matters on the assize list will be scheduled to be heard sometime during the one week time frame of the assize week. It is not guaranteed that every matter on the assize list will be heard, and counsel must be available to proceed on short notice during the assize week.”

Applications are eligible to be placed on the assize list if they meet each of the following four criteria:

  1. The application will require more than 2 hours but less than 2 days for hearing;
  2. All counsel and self represented parties consent to the application being placed on the assize list;
  3. All counsel and self represented parties are available to proceed on at least 3 of the 5 days of the assize week; and
  4. The application arises in a civil (non-family) proceeding and is not a judicial review

For all the details seeĀ  the January 7, 2013 announcement.

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