30 BC Lawyers Honoured with QC Title

December 12, 2012

Via the Vancouver Sun, Attorney General Shirley Bond has announced the 2012 line-up of lawyers honoured with the Queen’s Counsel (QC) title.

The recipients are as follows. See the Sun article for biographical details:

  1. Roderick Hugh George Holloway
  2. Avon Metford Mersey
  3. Kenneth Mitchell Walker
  4. Donald Noriyuki Kawano
  5. Rodney Albert Snow
  6. Stuart Bishop Hankinson
  7. Michael Gardner Armstrong
  8. Elizabeth June Watson
  9. Guy Patrick Brown
  10. Simon Brian Margolis
  11. Albert Murrow Roos
  12. Michael James Shepherd
  13. William Ross Younie
  14. Carla Lorraine Forth
  15. Robert Wallace Grant
  16. Herman Henry Van Ommen
  17. Dominic Antonio Petraroia
  18. Ronald Arthur Skolrood
  19. William Westeringh
  20. Carmen Joy Rogers
  21. Anthony Avery Vecchio
  22. Robert Parvis Pirooz
  23. J. Douglas Eastwood
  24. Palbinder Kaur Shergill
  25. Jennifer Mary Isabel Duncan
  26. Hubert Lai
  27. Mary Templeton Ainslie
  28. Sharon Denise Matthews
  29. Clinton Jean Sadlemyer
  30. Angus MacLeod Gunn

Next year’s nomination process will begin in September 2013.

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