2014 Wellness Challenge Now Underway

June 25, 2014

The CBABC’s Young Lawyers Section is hosting a 10 Day Wellness Challenge to encourage:

“all members of the legal profession – paralegals, support staff, lawyers of all ages, judges, court staff, etc. – to dedicate some time to wellness in any area of your life, not just health…”

Suggestions include getting a massage, cooking a new recipe, trying a yoga class, completing a road race, going out to a movie, decluttering your office, or getting some extra sleep.


Participants of the Wellness in Brief challenge (which started Monday and runs until July 4th) are encouraged to share their wellness actions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and then attend the wrap-up event in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday, July 8th from 4-7pm at Mahony & Sons. According to the event homepage,

“This project is not about working less and living more, it is about incorporating wellbeing into the definition of what it means to be a great lawyer and member of the legal profession, so that we can have the capacity to give more in all areas of our lives, including our careers”.

Visit the Wellness in Brief website for instructions on how to share your actions on social media and for ideas on how to incorporate wellness into your life.

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