New BCSC Court Records Access Policy

February 14, 2011

Today the BC Supreme Court posted a new Court Records Access Policy which will be implemented on February 28, 2011. The policy addresses access to records of all types of proceedings in the court, as well as access to transcripts, recordings, and exhibits.

The Honourable Chief Justice Bauman announced the policy by noting that BC’s court system “is based on fundamental principles of openness and accessibility,” which reflect society’s interest in the opportunity for public scrutiny of institutions such as the court.

The Access Policy sets out guidelines for access to court record, in four sections:

  • General Principles
  • Access to the Court File
  • Access to Audio Recordings of Court Proceedings
  • Procedures for Access Applications

The entire policy, which is expect to evolve over time to adapt to technological and other changes, is available on the BCSC website

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