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New Civil Rules – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Dear Valued Customers,

As our presentations on the practices and procedures pertaining to the NEW Supreme Court Civil Rules effective July 1st, 2010 conclude, we would like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone that attended in person or via the web.  As promised, we have taken your questions and put them forward to our various sources and below you will find the link to the second of 2 FAQ sheets regarding the rule changes.

We would also, once again, like to thank those individuals at the Vancouver Supreme Court Registry and Court Services Branch that took the time to review and address the questions we put forward.  Please remember, while some answers were provided directly from the rules, others are an interpretation of the rules and should not be taken as authoritative or as legal advice.

As mentioned in our sessions, any further changes or practice directives pertaining to the new rules, will be distributed via this medium as they are made available.