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Minimum Filing Standards for New Civil and Family Documents

Dear valued client,The B.C. Supreme Court Judiciary and Court Services Branch have informed Dye & Durham of the introduction of a set of minimum standards for the filing of Supreme Court Civil and Family documents. The standards will be introduced in conjunction with the NEW Supreme Court civil and family rules (from July 1st) and will apply to all documents with the exception of divorce and probate. The standards identify the basic information necessary for a document to be accepted for filing. As of July 1, 2010, court registry staff in B.C. will check Supreme Court civil and family documents for compliance with the standards. The new filing standards are described in an administrative notice which will be issued by the court within the next month as part of a consolidated set of administrative notices and practice directions. All of these administrative notices and practice directions will be sent out, as they are made available, via this service.Please click here to view the DRAFT Administrative Notice.It is not anticipated that there will be substantive changes between the draft version and the final administrative notice. As soon as the final administrative notice has been issued, Dye & Durham will send it out via this service.DYE & DURHAM CORPORATION