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Mandatory E-Filing

In order to clarify much of the recent and ongoing speculation with respect to the introduction of mandatory electronic filing, Dye & Durham has made the most recent business plan of the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) available for download from our website under Real Estate: “Land Title & Survey Authority”, or link directly at The following table was taken directly from the LTSA 2008-2010 Business Plan (page 16) and, in plain language, sets out the proposed timeline in this regard.





Client Use of Electronic Filing Tools

• EFS Uptake


40% – 45%

85% (due to

mandatory EFS)

Customer Satisfaction

Continuously improve customer satisfaction levels

(benchmarks to be determined)

We, at Dye & Durham, support the LTSA in their efforts to not only streamline the process of filing land documents, but to assist our industry in recognizing and accepting our collective environmental responsibility. Our exclusive electronic filing system, E-Tray, has been available for several years and represents an efficient, fully supported and comfortable way for our current and future clients to transition smoothly into the world of e-filing.

While mandatory electronic filing will not come into effect in the immediate future, it is certain to become a reality. Dye & Durham has been at the forefront of development and preparation for this eventuality and now offers all our expertise and exemplary customer service to assist those ready to begin the transition process.

Let us show you how easy it can be. Please contact us at [email protected] , 604 257-1810 or 1-800-661-1811