Managed Payments

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Make your electronic funds transfers secure. 

Our technology provides financial institutions with robust solutions that are designed to streamline processes and help businesses gain a competitive edge in the industry. Our experience and agility are rooted in nearly three decades of close collaboration with Canadian financial Institutions.

Featured Products

Bill Payments

Enhance your payment gateway capabilities

Provide your retail and business clients with an easy way to pay bills. Through a custom partner portal, your clients can access a billing database of over 13,000 organizations to easily pay bills from your site.

Key features

  • Provide access to over 13,000 billers
  • Growth and updates to the biller database are handled by Dye & Durham
  • Web-based user interface for creditor profile and user management
  • Robust solution with uptime supported by a backup data-centre network

Tax Filing & Payments

Filing business taxes has never been easier

Offer businesses of any size the ability to easily file and pay over 77 different government taxes online. The solution is currently trusted by all major Canadian financial institutions, processing billions of dollars annually.

Key features

  • One convenient location to make tax payments
  • Process more than 77 federal and provincial tax filings and payments
  • Choose to integrate it with your website for a more consistent customer experience OR deploy it as a standalone offering through a custom-branded website

B2B Payments

Give your clients a great way to pay

Offer Canadian businesses and their trading partners a quick way to initiate and receive payments as well as remittance details electronically.

Key features

  • Your clients can access the B2B Payment’s interface via your online-banking site
  • Ability to add a trading business partner using non-banking information
  • Payment remittance details, optional invoices and payment requests
  • Fund movement will follow your clients’ current or future settlement rails
  • Remittance information and payment status are supplied to payer and payee

Web Portal

Making payment reconciliation seamless and secure

Financial institutions can manage various document exchanges, presentment and associated payments with your partners using Web Portal. This solution helps to facilitate document processing and speed up associated funds movement.

Key features

  • Includes multiple levels of authorizations and approvals
  • Manage your data / documents with custom alerts and presentment options
  • Payments can be integrated with specific presented data / documents and initiated to and from Canadian-based accounts
  • Benefit from a system that’s better protected via disaster recovery capabilities and regular system and network monitoring

Funds Transfer

Corporate finance transactions made easy

Give your clients a way to initiate money transfers in an audited environment with Funds Transfer. Designed by experienced financial services professionals, this easy-to-use solution facilitates electronic transfers for corporate banking.

Key features

  • Get multiple access points for fund transfers – online and on the phone – with real-time information on payment status
  • The originator of the payment can bank at any Canadian financial institution
  • Account information is restricted to administrative users and secured by multiple levels of authorizations and approvals
  • All transactions (in CAD or USD) and customer profile changes are audited

Managed Retail Banking

A solution for your core retail banking needs

Managed Retail Banking delivers managed IT services that cover most of your core retail banking requirements. Backed by decades of experience, we help you identify and implement strategies that can help improve functionality and efficiencies.

Key features

  • Get access to operations support 24/7/365
  • Benefit from application management, including feature design, development, and testing
  • Leverage the Dye & Durham Private Cloud for your banking operations and get:
    • Dual-active primary and secondary production environments
    • DRP of sub-5-minute RPO / 1-hour RTO
    • Geographic load balanced environment for ATM/POS

Assyst Payment
(Quebec Only)

Make your electronic funds transfers secure

A unique solution that allows consumers to transfer funds to their notaries electronically. Assyst Payment establishes a direct link between the financial institution, the legal professional, and their clients for a more standardized process all around.

Key features

  • Less errors and less risk
  • Reduce operating costs
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