• As a young and energetic lawyer, you probably have many things on your 'to-do' list. Your mountain of tasks requiring attention keeps growing. You have a pile of things 'for review', another pile of thins 'for signing' and yet another pile 'for client', and so on. These piles of paper box you into your desk space and keep you focusing on the task in front of you. Or so you may think?

    Perhaps the constant visual reminder of a never-ending stream of work is distracting you. With so many tasks waiting for you, how easy is it to ignore them while working on the task-at-hand? And if you succeed in overlooking the various piles, how easy is it to then remember what takes priority? You don’t want to miss important deadlines. Rather, you want to make a great impression to your clients and your firm, showing that you can handle the workload and keep on top of all issues.

    econveyance helps you to manage your practice. It is a total solution for your real estate practice. Within this single platform, you can complete your purchase, sale and refinance files from end-to-end.

    The cloud-based platform connects with government registries so that you can perform Title Searches quickly and import the results to your file. Also, directly from the platform, you can purchase title insurance and arrange for mortgages. You can do so many things within econveyance that your entire workflow can be paperless, if you choose, and many lawyers have already!

    New features in econveyance help you to work efficiently, providing you with time to tackle your long list of tasks or to develop your clientele base and grow your business. Whether you use paper or not, econveyance offers a streamlined workflow that keeps getting better.

  • New Feature: e-Filing with etray

    If you are a British Columbia user of econveyance, then you can take advantage of Dye & Durham’s e-filing with e-tray service. Dye & Durham offers you a second set of eyes to ensure your documents are filed correctly with LTSA and is waiving its normal service fees (valued at $91.00 for a standard transfer and mortgage package) for standard residential purchase, sale and refinance files. You still need to pay the LTSA disbursement cost.

    Send your documents to Dye & Durham’s experienced registry agents for pre-search, filing and post-search services. They will compare the title accompanying your submission with the current title to identify any changes. They will also review your complete submission for errors or omissions and alert you so that you can avoid incurring a defect notice charge. Registry agents will put your documents in the proper filing order, saving you time. Dye & Durham guarantees their work and will pay any defect notice fees, if incurred by them.

    It is easy to provide instructions and to monitor your work order for this service. Within the work order, you can track your in and out tray to organize your submitted documents separately from your registered documents, keeping your workflow simple. Registry agents typically complete their review within about an hour. During this time, good practice managers may choose to complete their closing letters while the team at Dye & Durham reviews and registers your documents. Registered documents are then returned to your work order in tray and can be downloaded.

  • New Feature: Multiple Accounts

    econveyance now provides the ability to send more than one Statement of Account to your client. This may be helpful when, for example, your client draws $500,000 for a mortgage to close a home purchase, then later draws a further $100,000 for a construction project. Or, you provided further work to the client after the first invoice was sent out. There is no need to create the second invoice either manually or outside of econveyance. It is easy to see each billing for professional services and taxable disbursements. All invoices appear together, so you can view and send any of the accounts to your clients, not just the most recent one. You can now create multiple Statement of Accounts for your clients within the platform, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient.

    As always, econveyance users can create their own customized experience, even with Statement of Accounts. Save time by setting up your commonly used default entries, legal fees and disbursements.

    Every good practice manager wants to comply with their law society. econveyance safely stores your Statement of Accounts enabling you to comply with law society rules during audits.

  • New Feature: Firm Opportunities

    Efficiency comes with good practice management. Your streamlined workflow and processes provide you with more time that can help you to develop your client base. The new firm opportunities feature makes it simple to identify ways to grow your business without spending money on marketing services. Mining your own client database is an obvious, but not always used, strategy for managing your practice with a growth mindset.

    Intentionally sending birthday greetings, follow up letters, thank you notes and other communications to your own clients helps to strengthen their loyalty, making them more likely to give you repeat business or refer you to their friends.

    The new “Firm Opportunities” tab is located on your econveyance home page. It automatically lists all your clients who have active econveyance files, giving you an ideal method for identifying further business opportunities. Use various filters to sort your desired leads, such as Realty Company, Mortgage Last Payment Date, File Type, Conveyancer, Completion or Closing date, and Referrals. This information is available as downloadable .csv files so that you can create mail merge letters to reach out to them.

    When you use the set filter “Mortgage Renewals in 90 Days”, you have an opportunity to up-sell your clients. Talk to your new property owners about the importance of having a will and estate plan in order. Efficient and conscious practice management strategies will help you keep and grow your client base.