• As a busy lawyer, your time is valuable. You know that time equals money. Why work longer than you need to on a given task? ecorp provides a streamlined process for managing your business clients' corporate records.

    Streamlining Your Workflow Gives You More Time To Make More Money

    As a corporate lawyer, ecorp helps you manage a variety of entities, such as federal corporations and numerous types of British Columbia businesses including corporations, extra-provincial companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Working traditionally, that is, without ecorp, entails repetitious work. You will eliminate redundant tasks and improve your work productivity when you use ecorp because it methodically organises your workflow.

    There are many ways that ecorp saves you time:

    1. You only enter data once; it then imports to all relevant documents without typing it again.

    2. Track your progress, deadlines and tasks. As you work on items, your ‘things to do’ box will automatically populate the associated steps and tasks, making it easy for you to progress through your work.

    3. The Precedent Library has an extensive selection of precedents, so you are not creating new documents for every routine task.

    4. Your progress checklist provides sequential steps and shows what is completed.

    5. A global contacts database makes it easy to find and connect people to more than one corporation. There’s no need to re-type the data. Contact profiles also list all the companies and the positions within each company for each person so that it is easy to know who are your shareholders, directors, officers, accountants, etc.

    6. You have the option to maintain an electronic minute book in ecorp.

  • ecorp Makes Share Transactions Easy

    Keeping track of shares and all their associated transactions is an important but time-consuming part of being a business lawyer and it is so simple with ecorp. Using ecorp, you will always have current information on your client’s corporate situation with details on directors, officers and shareholders available at a glance.

    ecorp’s file summary provides an overview of the authorized share structures together with all the shareholders, class, certificate, quantity, quorum and voting rights information. It lists the directors, officers and other contacts together with their contact information, giving you a complete summary of the company in one easy to read place. With this readable map of your share structure, you can easily determine the status of your client’s corporation.

    When you need more details on shares, the share structures feature shows particulars of each class of shares, noting whether they have special rights or restrictions, are redeemable or are participating. When you issue new shares, ecorp automatically numbers new classes of shares sequentially, letting you focus your time on other priorities. Keeping track of all the shares is easy with ecorp’s concisely presented information.

    Your share structure library contains customizable share structures, class and series structures documents, ensuring your practice operates quickly and the way you want.

    A history of all share transactions, with issuance and cancellation particulars, is easily retained and viewed so you always know the specifics of a company’s shares and shareholders. This saves you time digging through a file’s history when your client calls with a question.

    ecorp supports many different types of share transactions, keeping your work process smooth and efficient: allotment, transfer, repurchase, redemption, retraction, cash dividend, stock dividend, section 85 intra, section 86 intra and section 85 inter.

    Your clients’ needs fluctuate over time and they may need to conduct Section 85 or 86 share transactions, where they exchange one set of shares for another, either within the company or with another company. ecorp makes it easy to do these complex transactions with its auto document generation feature. For example, a Section 85 Share Exchange generates a downloadable package containing 10+ documents for both sides of the transaction. Simply by clicking of a button, you can prepare them as Word documents. Some of the documents in this package include the Assignment of Shares, Central Securities Register, Cover Letter and Section 85 Share Exchange Agreement. Several types of transactions generate their own document packages, making your work so much easier.

    For all share transactions, ecorp keeps the central securities register up to date and generates the supporting share certificate templates.

  • Simplified Annual Maintenance

    The annual maintenance wizard generates lists of corporations that have annual filing requirements due within several time options, such as the next 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. A status bar indicates when the work is in progress, letting you prioritize quickly.

    Over 40 different reports help you to manage your practice for year-round effectiveness. For example, the annual maintenance summary report lists corporate year ends by month so that you keep up with filing requirements and manage your workload throughout the year.