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LTSA Releases New Versions of Electronic Land Title Form Templates

Please be advised that The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has released nine updated versions of electronic form templates and updates to the accompanying LTSA Director’s Requirements and help guides under the authority of the Land Title Act.

Furthermore, two forms for electronic submissions to the Surveyor General, the Survey Plan (Crown Land Registry) Form and the Post Renewal Form, have also been updated. It is recommended that clients immediately download the latest versions of forms here. Older versions of the form templates for submission to the land title office will continue to be accepted for electronic submission until August 10, 2015 when they will be retired by the Director of Land Titles.

The following summary provides more detailed information on the exact nature of the updates:

1. Form A – Freehold Transfer (v21) and Form B – Mortgage (v21)

New Form E Fielded Schedule for Transferees, Borrowers and Lenders

The new Form E schedule provides for a variety of ownership groups allowing the submitter to specify different addresses, unequal interests, and larger groups of owners. This will allow the LTSA to employ the use of automated tools in the examination of these forms and improve the time to registration. New features include:

Field Blocks: The Form E schedule allows a maximum of four fielded blocks and each field block can contain one corporation or up to four individuals with the same address Ownership Group: The Form E schedule allows a maximum of four ownership groups. Ownership groups are used for specifying different interests for owners who hold an interest independently or together

See below for an example of a fielded block with four individuals at the same address as joint tenants.

LTSA Form Update Demo

For detailed instruction on completing the Form E schedule, please view Director’s Requirements for Electronic Land Title Forms (DR 03-11).

2. Form 17 – Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing (v13)

Added Nature of Interest Stone and Timber Reservation

3. Form 17 – Charge, Notation or Filing (v12)

Added Nature of Interest Companies Creditors Arrangement Act Removal of Unrequired Personal Information Removed Nature of Interest Removal of Inappropriate Personal Information Item 4 Removed default text “Not Applicable”

4. Form C – General Instrument – Charge (v20) and Form C – General Instrument – Release (v21)

Item 8 – Officer drop-down menu: Changes to descriptions of officer professional capacity for “Notary Public in and for British Columbia” and “Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in British Columbia”

5. LTO Application to Deposit Plan (v12)

Schedule of Surveyor General Approvals: Minor text change in drop-down menu to “Approval – Posting Of Block Outline Survey Section 69 Land Title Act –Survey Rules S.10-16(3)” and “General Right Of Way Plans Crossing Crown Land”

6. Local Government Filing Form (v5)

Added Natures of Interest Heritage Status Notice-Vancouver Charter Modification Notice of release Land Use Contract Release of Land Use Contract (by effluxion of time) Item 3 Text change to include “Affected Legal Notation or Charge Number”

7. LTO Survey Plan Certification (v10)

Item 4 – Additional Pages: Typo fixed Item 3 – In the drop-down menu, additional years was added and “0000” was removed

Updated Help Guides and Director’s Requirements

Later this month, an updated version of the online Electronic Forms Guide Book will be available that will include detailed instructions for completing the new Form E schedule.

The following electronic Surveyor General submission form templates have new versions with the improvements explained below:

8. Survey Plan (Crown Land Registry) (v14)

Item 4 In the drop-down menu additional years was added and “0000” was removed Typo fixed in “use schedule”

9. Post Renewal Form (v3)

Item 3 – In the drop-down menu, additional years was added and “0000” was removed

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