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LTSA 2009-2012 Business Plan

Please note the following announcement from the BC Land Title & Survey Authority:The LTSA’s land title and survey systems are essential to BC’s real estate and legal infrastructure and to economic well-being. Its core functions relate to the maintenance, security, and integrity of private title registration and the survey structure of British Columbia. Meeting the service level commitments associated with these important services continues to be a focus for the LTSA in this Business Plan.

This Business Plan also outlines the LTSA’s multi-year Business Transformation program. This initiative is focused on critical process improvements and modernization of aging land title and survey technology to ensure their continued viability, facilitate the introduction of new products and services to achieve business efficiencies, and support improved customer service.

The Business Plan describes the LTSA’s short and mid-term business strategies and ensures full accountability to those who use the land title and survey systems of BC. It is provided in compliance with the requirement of the Land Title Survey Authority Act to release a public, three-year rolling Business Plan prior to each April 1. The Business Plan has been approved by the LTSA’s Board of Directors and is supported by the LTSA’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee.