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Dye & Durham has been filing court documents and conducting court searches for more than 40 years across Canada and worldwide. We provide search, file and registry services for court documents. We maintain dual process operations, processing manual and electronic filings through ETRAY™. We are the leading Court Services Online (CSO) E-filer in British Columbia, Canada, filing over 50% of the province’s electronic court submissions. We have offices in New Westminster, Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and Prince George to better serve you.

Your work submitted to Dye & Durham, whether manual or electronic, receives our careful and thorough attention. All work is covered by our comprehensive quality assurance guarantee. Our litigation specialists conduct a preliminary review, pre-vet and inspect your files for errors and omissions prior to submission according to the current court rules and regulations.

We focus on diverse and complex areas of litigation locally and worldwide, including Supreme, Civil, Trial, Family, Criminal & Probate, Provincial Small Claims, Family and Criminal, Court of Appeal, Federal and Tax courts.

Want to submit and manage your requests all in one place? Try ETRAY™, Dye & Durham’s online work order system:

  • Request searches and filings over multiple court jurisdictions.
  • See your work get picked up, processed, filed, invoiced and delivered back to you online in real time.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple online accounts and additional cash management with the ability to integrate your accounting system to improve cost recovery.


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