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Land Title Updates

Relocation of Prince George and Prince Rupert Records

Please be reminded that later this month the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (the “LTSA”) will be permanently relocating its collection of records for the Prince George and Prince Rupert land title districts from the New Westminster Land Title Office to the Victoria Land Title Office.

With offices in both Victoria and New Westminster, Dye & Durham will continue to seamlessly process all of your search and manual filing requests. As part of the move, records from these two land title districts will not be accessible on September 18 or 19, and will not be completely organized in their final storage locations until September 29, 2014. Accordingly, please submit any related requests around this time period to Dye & Durham as far in advance as possible – and noting any deadlines – so that we may ensure that your needs are met.

Mandatory E-Filing for Larger Local Governments

Further to previous notifications, the Director of Land Titles is reminding local governments with populations of 20,000 or over that as of August 31, 2014, their applications to the Land Title Office are required to be filed electronically. The deadline for local governments with populations of 5,000 and over is December 31, 2014. The full announcement has further details. Dye & Durham has assisted numerous municipalities by fully supporting their transition, from the application process to supported e-filing. Kindly contact Melinda Lawrence at 604-713-7215 to find out more about how Dye & Durham can assist.

New LTSA Disbursement Charges

The LTSA recently announced that their service charges will be increasing by about 5% – effective October 1, 2014 – as authorized through formal agreement between the Province of BC and the LTSA. Accordingly, some disbursements paid by Dye & Durham on your behalf will experience the same increase. View current LTSA disbursements, and new disbursement charges as of October 1, 2014.

Kindly contact Dye & Durham’s Real Estate Support Services department at 604-257-1810 should you have any questions or require assistance.

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