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June 2015 Litigation Calendar

Litigation Calendar for June 2015 Now Available

Dye & Durham’s Litigation Calendar offers you important information, including:

  • trial submission dates;
  • dates when judges and masters are not available;
  • web links to other relevant legal sites and new directives;
  • and trial scheduling telephone information.

The calendar covers the BC Supreme Court registries within the Lower Mainland, as well as Victoria. It is colour-coded to distinguish between registries.

Send your work orders through ETRAY™ for fast, efficient service.

Friendly Reminders

ETRAY™: Please remember to indicate your reason for urgency in your ETRAY™ work orders, as Court Services Online requires this for rush electronic filings.

Court of Appeal Factums: An electronic copy of your factum must accompany your paper copy for filing. Dye & Durham is happy to prepare a CD for you.

Probate: Please avoid sending cheques for probate fees unless the probate registry has specifically advised counsel of the amount payable. Any cheques for probate fees sent in advance based on counsel’s calculations will be rejected by the court, and returned to you.

Click here to access Dye & Durham’s Litigation Calendar for June 2015.

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