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JCC Pilot Project Evaluation- March 1, 2005

Notice to ProfessionRe: Judicial Case Conference Pilot Project EvaluationRule 60E, the Judicial Case Conference Pilot Project Rule, has been in effect province wide since July 1, 2002.  Rule 60E provides that a Judicial Case Conference (“JCC”) must be conducted prior to a party delivering to another party a notice of motion or affidavit in support of an interlocutory application in family law proceedings.The Family Law Committee has now completed its evaluation of Rule 60E and has issued a report which makes several recommendations.  Based on its findings, the Family Law Committee is strongly recommending that Rule 60E become a permanent feature of the Supreme Court Rules of Court.  Other recommendations include:     –  A party requesting a JCC be required to give 30 days notice to the opposing party;     –  JCCs be set within 30 to 45 days of a request being made;     –  The parties be required to exchange and file financial statements in Form 89 prior to the JCC; and     –  Simplification of the procedures for obtaining leave to bring a contested application without         attending a JCC where there are urgent circumstances.The full report is available on the court’s website at at the following Family Law Committee is seeking comments on the report.  The Committee will be able to seek comments received up to April 30, 2005.  Comments can be sent by mail to:          Judith Hoffman, Law Officer          Supreme Court of British Columbia          800 Smith Street          Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2E1          or by email to: [email protected] 1, 2005                                                      Donald I Brenner,                                                                           Chief Justice