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January 2012 Litigation Calendar

Dear Valued Client:

Dye & Durham is pleased to provide the first of the Litigation Calendars for 2012, a quick and easy way to see what’s happening in Court for the month of January.

Our calendar provides important information including:

–       Trial submission dates;

–       Dates on which Judges/Masters are NOT available;

–       Website links to relevant other legal sites and new directives;

–       Trial Scheduling telephone information.

To access this month’s litigation calendar, please click on the link below:

This month’s calendar covers Supreme Courts within the Lower Mainland and Victoria, and is colour coded to distinguish between registries.



Please be advised: The registry has limited storage capacity and has started discarding Application Records and Petition Records.  It is recommended that counsel collect their binders immediately after the application has concluded.  In order to facilitate the filing of your Application Record, please provide a filed copy of your Notice of Application or Notice of Hearing on the cover of the record (Practice Directive 28). The cover page of Application/Petition Records must include information of both lawyers; date, place & duration of application; and who the application record is being filed by (Administrative Notice 1).


Trial Division will only accept the following documents for filing at the counter: Trial Certificates, Jury Notices and Application materials set for the next day.  All other documents will be submitted to the registry and will be returned within 2 – 3 days depending on volume at the registry.   


Requires an original plus three copies of the Notice of Application and/or Notice of Hearing for filing. Requires that Requisitions to reset chambers applications have a FILED copy of the Notice of Application attached as well as noted the time estimate, whether the application is set before a judge or master and if by consent. Requires that the Jurat on Affidavits be clearly written or stamped with commissioner information.  Affidavits which are unclear will be rejected by the registry. When submitting affidavits the filing statement should be scanned separately from the affidavit and a filing statement is also required when filing financial statements, again scanned separately from the document. All Consent Orders require a Requisition (Form 31) to be filed with them (original plus one (1) copy.


Court Services Online is not currently designed to accept documents from one court registry to be submitted into an alternate registry.  In such cases, please submit documents manually. Where possible, please convert documents from Word to PDF before uploading to your ETRAY work order.  When scanning your documents to PDF, each document must be scanned separately. The CSO system has a limit on files sizes of 8MB.  When submitting an Affidavit for electronic filing, each Affidavit submitted must be accompanied by a Form 119 – Electronic Filing Statement.  Financial Statements being filed electronically also require a Form 119 for filing. Electronic filing statements must include action number, registry and style of cause.