Ground Hazard Insight

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Understand the ground

Each year, ground hazards like soil subsidence, historical mining and natural ground movement, coastal erosion and landslides cause damage and disruption to UK property, land and infrastructure. These hidden hazards are varied, complex and can have costly consequences. Often, information products fail to translate the risk into actionable insight for the homebuyer.

We are passionate about improving the understanding of the ground, and the complex ways it interacts with the built environment. Our geologists, soil scientists and mining engineers clearly communicate ground hazards through our pioneering reports, expert advice, and innovative risk modelling.

This gives property professionals access to accurate and understandable information on ground hazards and the risks they pose, so that your clients can make informed decisions on their property purchase.

All ground hazards

Specialist knowledge of all major ground hazards and the risks they pose.

From complex to simple

Reports and risk models translate complex ground risks to property, land and assets.

Guided by science

Rely on leading geologists, soil scientists and engineers who understand the ground.


National Ground Risk Model (NGRM)
Enables scalable, cost-effective and instant analysis of ground risk on all property, land and infrastructure in the UK.

NGRM: Climate
For resilient lenders, insurers and other businesses to understand ground risk under a changing climate.

Ground Risk Reports
Our professional opinion helps homebuyers and conveyancers understand ground risks to property and land.

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