Environmental Risk


Buying a home is never easy. As a residential property lawyer or conveyancer, you want to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and that any potential risks highlighted in searches are dealt with in a considered way.

Through our innovation we deliver clear, concise, and easy to understand environmental searches.

Fully complying with your requirements for Law Society guidance on contaminated land and flooding, and with an expert opinion provided across the entire search, we scan for the exceptions – forensically examining whether your client’s property really is at risk.

You get real insight and clear, concise interpretation of the data behind it – allowing you to give your client the full picture on their future property.

It is our goal to make intelligence environmental risk clearer, more accurate and realistic. If your client has a potential issue, you can talk to our seasoned experts who can give you individual advice and guidance at the highest technical level.

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Contaminated land

Understanding the true extent and nature of potentially contaminated land is essential for homebuyers and for their conveyancer to advise them on potential risks and possible liabilities associated with the ‘Contaminated Land’ regime ahead of the transaction.


Revised guidance for conveyancers on flood risk to protect their clients is in place. There is a clear duty of care to provide the clearest understanding of what types of flooding have and could occur in the area and how this could impact on the insurability and lending on your client’s site or property.

Energy & infrastructure

Our landscape is in a state of constant change. New road, rail and energy infrastructure projects are accelerating as our growing population needs to be supplied and moved around. This is often at the expense of local residents forced to endure years of planning uncertainty, construction noise and environmental concern – affecting the quiet enjoyment and value of their homes.


When carrying out due diligence ahead of a property transaction, helping your client to understand the upcoming changes to the area surrounding their future home can be a shrewd consideration, helping to ensure that their investment delivers upon expectations.

Title Risks

Risks that may require attention prior to the completion of a transaction include issues relating to the tenure or grade of the title, cautions or notices, and matters that may affect the intended use of the property, such as restrictive covenants or absence of easements.

TitleChecker® automates the title investigation process by examining Land Registry records and relevant parts of the CML Handbook – saving time, reducing the risk of error, and suggesting solutions for any issues identified.

Chancel repair liability

Chancel repair liability is the result of a medieval law, whereby the Parish Church was granted powers to charge those owning ‘rectorial land’ or property within the parish for the upkeep of the church chancel.

ChancelCheck® and ChancelCheck® Premium, the original low-cost screening reports instantly identify if there is potential for a parish or parishes to claim for chancel repair liability.

Commercial risks

Securing premises, seeking viable land for development or opening an attractive retail site all need the most careful consideration of environmental risk.

We apply the utmost rigour to our risk assessment approach for commercial property or land acquisition. Our forensic approach ensures straightforward clarity on whether the site could be affected by past industrial land use, flooding from all sources or ground stability risks – all of which could disrupt business momentum.


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